JLNS High Power Single Table Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLNS Hochleistungs-Einzeltisch-Laserschneidmaschinenserie für Bleche und Rohre

Die JLNS-Laserschneidmaschine für einzelne Bleche und Rohre ist eine kostengünstige Maschine. Die Maschine kann Bleche und Rohre schneiden und ist somit ein idealer Ersatz für professionelle Blechlaserschneider und Rohrlaserschneider. Die Maschine verfügt über eine benutzerfreundliche offene Struktur und ein fortschrittliches Erscheinungsbild, das schnell installiert, einfach in Produktion genommen werden kann und für den Bediener das Be- und Entladen von Materialien erleichtert.

Die Laserschneidmaschine für Einzelblechrohre ist ein effizientes, genaues und praktisches Werkzeug und auch ein unvermeidlicher Trend im Bereich der industriellen Entwicklung. Nach fast zwei Jahrzehnten industrieller Entwicklung hat es sich zu einem unverzichtbaren Werkzeug im Bereich der Metallverarbeitung entwickelt.

JLNS High Power Single Table Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series Features

One Machine With Two Functions

This machine can cut metal sheets and pipes, it is a combination of professional sheet laser cutting machine and pipe laser cutting machine. For users, it expands the range of cutting materials and improves market competitiveness.

  • Save purchase cost
  • Improve cutting efficiency
  • Accept more diverse orders
  • Open-type Structure

    The machine cutting process is fully visible. Operators can easily load and unload from the front, left and right sides.

    Advanced Appearance Design

    The machine is easy to install and quick to put into production, which minimizes your waiting time for installation. High standard sealed design prevents dust from entering and parts from igniting. The cutting tube is separated from the plate, and the cutting precision is high.

    JLNS High Power Single Table Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series Advantages

    JLNS High Power Single Table Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series Advantages

    The body of the machine is welded from plates. After two quenching to eliminate the stress, making the body stronger and more stable. Long service time, high precision, to ensure the cutting accuracy. Within 13m, the equipment is integral and the upper gantry milling is processed once.

    It adopts ship type box design, partition dust removal, more concentrated and reasonable air duct, dust removal effect is better.

    Cast Aluminum Beam

    Aluminum cast beam, light weight, good dynamic response, fast acceleration, good comprehensive cutting effect.

    Professional tube sheet cutting system

  • Support fly cutting, leapfrog lifting, seam width compensation, wire, micro joint, pre perforation, film cutting and other basic processes.
  • Provides fine cutting techniques to achieve smooth start and end of tool path cutting.
  • Support high-precision and high-efficiency cutting of plate, square tube, round tube, runway type and oval stretch tube, angle steel and channel steel.
  • Single-sided centering - it can effectively solve the problem of the accuracy of the pipe hole position and improve the accuracy of the edge distance of the hole position.
  • One-key alignment of pipe head - use the cutting head to align the pipe head, which can effectively reduce the time of manual alignment and reduce the front-end waste of manual alignment.
  • Knife lifting and knife retraction process - it can solve the problem that the power of the cutting starting point burns to the opposite side, and the problem that the thin tube falls before cutting, leaving a small tail at the cutting position.
  • Pause the PLC to continue - process the end of the pipe, control the release of the middle clamp, improve the Y-axis travel and cutting ability, and effectively reduce the tailing of the two chucks.
  • Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head, Active Collision Prevention

    The machine can adjust the focus according to the thickness of the material, suitable for a variety of focal segments, reduce punching time, improve punching quality. It can also sense its surroundings and intelligently raise its head to avoid obstacles. Fly-cut micro connection prevents sheet warping, achieving high speed and high stability when cutting.

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