JLMD Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLMD Exchange Bord Laserskjæremaskin-serien

JLMD Switch Table Laser Cutter er perfekt for de som trenger en rask, holdbar maskin som kan håndtere tung trafikk. Funksjonen for dobbel arbeidsbenk sparer brukere for tid ved å slippe å hele tiden laste og losse materialer. Sikkerhetsfunksjoner sørger for at klippeområdet alltid er beskyttet og et kamera sørger for at brukeren alltid har fri sikt over klippet.

Enten du trenger å kutte karbonstål, rustfritt stål, aluminium eller messing, kan JLMD-serien med utskiftbare bordlaserkuttere håndtere det. Hver maskin er tilgjengelig i en rekke modeller designet for å møte de spesifikke behovene til virksomheten din.

JLMD Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series Features

  • Designed with double table, which can save time for loading and unloading materials
  • Cutting area is protected by a cover to prevent splashes and be safe
  • Equipped with a camera, the cutting situation is clear at a glance
  • JLMD Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series Advantages

    Steel Plate Welding Bed

    Our 6000w laser cutting machine body is welded by sheet metal. Stress is relieved by one-time quenching after welding. Rough machining is carried out after natural cooling, then secondary quenching to remove stress, and finishing machining is carried out after natural cooling. It's stronger and more stable. Long use time, high precision, guarantee cutting accuracy.

    It is the process dust removal specialist. It adopts a boat-shaped box design, with partitioned dust removal, more centralized and reasonable air ducts, and better dust removal effect.

    The machine has three switch modes--parallel switch (standard), mechanical lifting switch, and hydraulic switch. It can meet the varying preferences and needs of our global users as well as personalized customization.

    Cast Aluminum Beam for 6000w Laser Cutter

    Adopts aluminum cast beam for its light weight and good dynamic response. It also leads to faster acceleration and better comprehensive cutting effect.

    Professional Laser Cutting Control system

  • Support the fundamental techniques of Fly cut, frog-leap lifting, kerf width compensation, lead line, micro-joint, pre-piercing, film cutting, etc.
  • Our fine-cutting technique provides a smooth start and end in the toolpath cutting.
  • Support intelligent barrier avoidance and laser head frog-leap lifting in production.
  • Support scan QR import drawing, task scheduling and multi-area production etc.
  • The maximum acceleration is up to 1.5G.
  • Provide dual-Y drive position error detect function.
  • Intelligent bus control cutting head, Active Collision Prevention

    The machine can adjust the focus according to the thickness of the material, and is suitable for various focal lengths. It can reduce punching time, improve punching quality, sense the surrounding environment, and intelligently raise the head to avoid obstacles.

    The fly-cut micro-connection prevents sheet warping and enables high speed and cutting stability.

    Imported Parts, Precision Guaranteed

    Equipped with dual high-powered servo motors and drivers which from German. Core transmission parts like speed reducer and gears are imported from Japan. High-precision racks, guide rails and ball screws are produced by world-famous brands.

    Top Brand Laser Power

    We offer different laser power options to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you need a Max Laser Power, IPG Laser Power or Raycus Laser Power for your industrial needs. we have you covered.

    Quality Control System

    The machine has gone through a strict assembly process and quality inspection. Our quality management system is thorough and we have high-precision inspection and testing equipment, like a laser interferometer and laser collimator. This guarantees that each device we deliver meets the company's factory quality standards.

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