JCT 3 Chuck Professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series

Seria profesjonalnych maszyn do cięcia laserem JCT 3 Chuck

Profesjonalna seria laserowych maszyn do cięcia rur JCT 3 Chuck jest łatwa do opanowania i idealna do cięcia rur okrągłych, rur kwadratowych, belek dwuteowych, belek typu C, kątowników, rur owalnych i innych. Maszyna posiada w pełni automatyczny pneumatyczny, łatwy w użyciu uchwyt wiertarski o pełnym skoku, a inteligentny system cięcia rur zapewnia precyzyjne cięcie za każdym razem.

Asortyment obejmuje siedem różnych modeli, z których każdy jest przeznaczony do obsługi rur o różnych rozmiarach i grubościach. Nadaje się do cięcia stali nierdzewnej, stali węglowej, stali stopowej i innych materiałów.

JCT 3 Chuck professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series Features

  • Adopt 3 chuck clamping technology
  • Available in cutting an entire tube measuring up to 12000mm
  • The maximum pipe diameter is 450mm
  • Maximize the weight of a single tube
  • The cover is optional
  • Automatic uploading is optional
  • The 3D cutting function is optional
  • 0 tailing without tube length restriction
  • JCT 3 Chuck professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series Advantages

    Multi-point Supporting for Heavy Tubes

    The tube is clamped and supported simultaneously by three chucks. The machine can automatically correct any deformed pipes to maintain cutting accuracy and uniform size of cut products.

    EtherCAT bus system

    FSCUT5000 series is an EtherCAT bus system specially designed for fiber laser pipe cutting machines. It works with TubesT 3D nesting software for maximum efficiency and utilization.

    Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head

    This product is equipped with slender TRA components and a slender nozzle, allowing it to adapt to any complex pipe cutting. It has a built-in motor drive unit that drives the focusing mirror to automatically change position within a certain range.

    The machine can continuous focusing, fast perforation and automatic cutting pipes made of various thicknesses and materials. The optimized optics and water-cooling design enable the laser head to work continuously and stably for an extended period.

    Perform Well in Tube Cutting

    The machine can cut up to 12000mm entire tube. Maximum pipe cutting range is Φ20-450mm. Available in cutting channel steel, Angle steel, I - beam and other profiles.

    Imported Parts, Precision Guaranteed

    Equipped with dual high-powered servo motors and drivers imported from German. Core transmission parts like speed reducer and gears are imported from Japan. High-precision racks, guide rails and ball screws are produced by world-famous brands.

    Top Brand Laser Power

    We offer different laser power options to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you need a Max Laser Power ,IPG Laser Power or Raycus Laser Power for your industrial needs, We have you covered.

    Quality Control System

    The machine has gone through a strict assembly process and quality inspection. Our quality management system is thorough and we have high-precision inspection and testing equipment, like a laser interferometer and laser collimator. This guarantees that each device we deliver meets the company's factory quality standards.

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