JLMDS Exchange Table Sheet &Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLMDS Wymienny arkusz stołu i seria maszyn do cięcia laserowego rur

Ta seria wymiennych maszyn do cięcia arkuszy i rur JLMDS jest wyposażona w całkowicie zamkniętą osłonę ochronną, która może spełniać surowe wymagania środowiskowe niektórych użytkowników. Ponadto pełna konstrukcja pokrycia zapewnia bezpieczeństwo użytkowników. W trakcie procesu użytkownik może monitorować proces cięcia przez okienko obserwacyjne. Ponadto ta maszyna do cięcia laserem światłowodowym o pełnym pokryciu jest wyposażona w wysokiej jakości komponenty zapewniające wysoką dokładność cięcia, dużą prędkość i długą żywotność. Rozmiar roboczy i moc lasera można dostosować do wymagań klienta.

JLMDS Exchange Table Sheet &Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series Features

One machine can be used for both plate and pipe cutting

While improving cutting efficiency, the purchasing cost is greatly saved, and the factory can accept more diversified orders.

Double working table

It saves loading and unloading time. The switching platform saves space and cost.

Fully enclosed protective cover

The machine cutting area is protected by a cover to prevent spatter and improve the safety of use. Equipped with flue gas purification system, avoid environmental pollution, protect the health of operators.

Equipped with a camera

The cutting situation is clear at a glance.

JLMDS Exchange Table Sheet &Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series Advantages

Machine body is welded by thick steel plate

Adopt high quality carbon steel welding bed, more stable and durable. High strength machine tool adopts stress removal annealing treatment at 600℃, strong rigidity, small deformation, small vibration, to ensure the cutting accuracy.

Intelligent partition dust removal system

Newly upgraded intelligent partition dust removal system, dust removal design is more reasonable, effectively increase the ventilation and dust removal effect, prolong the service life of equipment.

Cast aluminum beam

The material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight and high rigidity, which ensures the high speed movement of laser processing. In addition, it also has perfect dynamic performance, such as anti-distortion, anti-overturning, anti-deformation, etc., to ensure higher cutting accuracy.

Professional tube sheet cutting system

  • Support fly cutting, leapfrog lifting, seam width compensation, wire, micro joint, pre perforation, film cutting and other basic processes.
  • Provides fine cutting techniques to achieve smooth start and end of tool path cutting.
  • Support high-precision and high-efficiency cutting of plate, square tube, round tube, runway type and oval stretch tube, angle steel and channel steel
  • Single-sided centering - it can effectively solve the problem of the accuracy of the pipe hole position and improve the accuracy of the edge distance of the hole position
  • One-key alignment of pipe head - use the cutting head to align the pipe head, which can effectively reduce the time of manual alignment and reduce the front-end waste of manual alignment
  • Knife lifting and knife retraction process - it can solve the problem that the power of the cutting starting point burns to the opposite side, and the problem that the thin tube falls before cutting, leaving a small tail at the cutting position
  • Pause the PLC to continue - process the end of the pipe, control the release of the middle clamp, improve the Y-axis travel and cutting ability, and effectively reduce the tailing of the two chucks
  • Intelligent bus control cutting head, active collision prevention

  • Process monitoring - the cutting process is monitored in real time through the internal sensor of the cutting head. When the slag return and incomplete cutting area is detected, it will automatically retreat for re-cutting to achieve unattended and stable processing.
  • Intelligent piercing - real-time monitoring of the piercing process through the sensor, cutting the hole immediately after penetrating without waiting, greatly improving the processing efficiency, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Intelligent knife retraction - through the real-time monitoring of the perforation sensor, automatically judge the knife retraction distance, remove the tumor without defect, and the knife retraction is smooth.
  • Simpler maintenance and lower maintenance cost Mirror group drawer design structure, plug and play, 5 minutes to solve problems, low maintenance costs.
  • The cutting head is anti-collision design, which can be replaced by customers without returning to the factory for maintenance or after-sales service.
  • Explosion-proof detection of protective mirror - intelligently detect whether the protective mirror is polluted by sensors, improve detection sensitivity and reduce the probability of the protective mirror cracking.
  • Imported Parts, Precision Guaranteed

    Equipped with Japan double high power servo motor and drive

    Reducer, gear and other core transmission components are imported from Japan

    High-precision rack, guide rail and ball screw are all world famous brands

    Top Brand Laser Power

    IPG Laser Power

    Max Laser Power

    Raycus Laser Power

    Quality Control System

    Perfect quality system, strict assembly process quality inspection, high-precision inspection equipment, to ensure that each delivered equipment can meet the company's factory quality standards.

    Cutting Samples

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