Application advantages of laser cutting machine in stainless steel cutting


With the continuous development and progress of industrial manufacturing, the application of stainless steel has been very extensive. It is used in household products, electronic appliances, vehicles, building materials, industrial machinery and other fields. Stainless steel is composed of steel with a carbon content of less than 1.2% and chromium with a content of more than 10.5%. It is also famous for its low rust resistance and high corrosion resistance.

stainless steel laser cutting machine

At present, the processing of stainless steel is mainly based on laser cutting. The laser cutting technology uses a fiber laser beam to act on the surface of the material on a small scale. The high-density and high-energy laser beam heats the stainless steel plate locally and evaporates the area, so as to realize the cutting of stainless steel. 

For some manufacturers that use stainless steel as the main component, laser cutting stainless steel is currently a relatively fast and efficient processing method. The good corrosion resistance of such materials can be maintained if the parameters are strictly required during processing. The most important process parameters that affect the quality of laser stainless steel cutting are cutting speed, cutting accuracy,fiber laser power, air pressure etc.

30mm stainless steel laser cutting machine

But laser cutting machines also have some drawbacks when cutting stainless steel:

1. Under the condition that various process parameters are set to ensure good linear cutting effect, excessive ablation will occur when cutting corners, which will reduce the quality of the corners; especially for small-angle acute-angle cutting, due to overlapping cutting paths, the laser energy will be reduced. Concentration leads to excessive ablation at the corners; in order to ensure the overall cutting quality, it is necessary to set different parameters for cutting at different positions, and the parameter modification is relatively cumbersome.

2. When various process parameters are set to ensure a good cutting effect, the phenomenon of incision at the beginning of the cutting often occurs, and the surrounding plates are overheated and deformed.

30mm laser cutting stainless steel
Stainless steel is one of the most common metals in industrial manufacturing, and the Qiaolian Laser JLMD series fiber laser cutting machine can be adapted to the cutting of various stainless steel plates. It has good cutting quality, is not easy to cut through, the plate dissipates evenly, is not easy to burn, saves the use of protective gas, effectively reduces cutting costs, is safe and reliable, has low failure rate, high cutting effect, and good precision. The advantages.

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