Global Marketing Service Network

Qiaolian Laser has perfect sales and after-sales service. At present, 18,000 sets of equipment have been operating stably and efficiently in more than 100 countries(regions).

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We will provide customers with targeted services to help you solve various problems before and after purchase. We are committed to providing customers with a good buying experience.

Before sales services

Through online service and on-site service, our sales engineers provide professional advice to prospective customers.We can help customers choose the right products, provide technical support and troubleshooting.

During sales services

We will serve every customer in the principle of honesty and fairness.We will focus on and respond to the needs of our customers and make sure they understand our products and services. Every effort is made to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases.

After sales services

After-sales support requires more soft skills than pre-sales support requirements. Our after-sales support team works with customers for long-term and focuses on building trust. Be responsible for the equipment you purchased, and provide technical support such as installation, commissioning, and training. Our service can solve your worries very well.