Single Table Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Single sheet and tube laser cutting machine is an all-in-one machine that can cut sheet and tube metal. The equipment is rich in functions and can provide a variety of workpiece cutting schemes. The system automatically identifies and marks coordinates, and can switch sheet and pipe cutting functions safely and reliably.

This laser cutter is ideal for small businesses that want to expand their range of cutting materials and improve their competitiveness. Using this machine, users can cut various metals quickly and easily without having to invest in two separate machines.

JLNS High Power Single Table Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLNS laser cutting machines are ideal for industrial users who need fast and precise cutting of sheet metal or tubing. Fast, clean and precise cuts in a wide variety of materials using a powerful laser beam.


  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Fitness equipment
  • Mechanical cabinets
  • Aerospace
  • Elevator Industry
  • Kitchenware industry
  • Sheet metal industry
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The advantages of the single table sheet & tube laser cutting machine

Single table fiber laser cutting machine, specially designed for cutting thick metal sheets with high precision and high efficiency. The power of this machine ranges from 1000W to 12000W, and it adopts an intelligent centralized control system, an ultra-thick plate heavy-duty welded plate bed, an automatic focus head, automatic lubrication, and an intelligent partition dust removal system.

Single table sheet and tube laser cutting machines offer many advantages. First, it is more versatile, capable of cutting sheet metal and tubing. Second, it is faster, capable of cutting thicker materials in less time. Finally, it's more precise, producing cleaner, more accurate cuts.

  • High efficiency, fast cutting speed
  • Dual use of one machine, low operating cost
  • Higher processing efficiency and low loss
  • Have passed CE certification and are exported to numerous European countries.

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