JWM Medium And Small Power Single Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

JWM Medium And Small Power Single Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

The JWM single table laser cutting machine series is a simple and easy to use product. It is ideal for those who want easy loading and unloading of raw materials in production. This machine adopts advanced appearance design, which is easy to install and put into production quickly. It also has a small footprint, saving space.

This laser cutting machine is widely used in various manufacturing and processing industries such as sheet metal processing, aerospace, electrical appliances, automobiles, machinery, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, home appliances, and advertising.

JWM Medium And Small Power Single Table Laser Cutting Machine Series Features

Open-type Structure

Machine cutting process is totally visible. Easy to load and unload materials from the front, left and right sides. This machine is fully functional, quickly installed, and saves time and money.

Simplicity Appearance Design

Simplicity but not simple design, power performance integration, covers a small area, save space.

JWM Medium And Small Power Single Table Laser Cutting Machine Series Advantages

Mechanical Bed

Machine bed is welded by steel plate and square tube, with built-in dedusting structure

The whole frame high temperature annealing, high speed shot blasting, stress elimination technology, effectively avoid the deformation of the bed, to ensure that the use of 20 years without deformation.

Cast Aluminum Beam

High rigidity lightweight design optimized by finite element analysis. High speed, good dynamic characteristics, fast acceleration.

Professional Laser Cutting Control System

The system has the advantages of easy installation, simple debugging, excellent performance, and supports power regulation.

Can be set separately import line speed, has a powerful cutting process database.

Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head, Active Collision Prevention

Automatically adjusts the focusing lens to realize automatic perforating and cutting plates of different thickness. The speed of automatically adjusting focus lens is ten times of the manual adjusting.

Adjustment range -10 mm~ +10mm, precision 0.01mm, suitable for 0 ~ 25mm different types of plates.

Imported Parts, Precision Guaranteed

Equipped with Japan high power servo motor and drive

Reducer, gear and other core transmission components are imported from Japan

High-precision rack, guide rail and are all world famous brands

Top Brand Laser Power

IPG Laser Power

Max Laser Power

Raycus Laser Power

Quality Control System

Perfect quality system, strict assembly process quality inspection, high-precision inspection equipment, to ensure that each delivered equipment can meet the company's factory quality standards.

Cutting Samples

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