European Vision Single Table

European vision single table laser cutting machine is a fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine. Equipped with fiber laser devices with power ranging from 1kw to 6kw, the working area is 3000mm*1500mm. This single laser cutting machine is an elegant, chic, compact and flexible laser cutting machine. The whole machine conforms to the CE international certification standard, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

It adopts a fully enclosed laser shield, platform and a professional CNC cutting system to provide users with powerful cutting capabilities and efficiency. At the same time, the top imported components and strict assembly process ensure the safe, efficient and high-precision stable operation of the machine.

JLME European Vision Single Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

The JLME European vision single table laser cutting machine is a small and flexible machine that is perfect for meeting your individual needs. With its safety protection and CE international certification, the machine is environmentally friendly and safe to use.


  • Cut different kinds of metal
  • Applications in aviation and aerospace
  • Used in the manufacture of household appliances
  • Applied in equipment manufacturing industry
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The advantages of the European vision single table laser cutting machine

The full coverage single table laser cutter is perfect for those who are looking for a safe and eco-friendly option. The machine is equipped with a complete enclosure to prevent people from being hurt by the laser, and an automatic dust collection system to keep the environment clean. In addition, the front of the machine are equipped with a camera to ensure real-time safety monitoring.

The machine can be used in various industries such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobiles, precision accessories, ships, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, decoration, advertising, metal external processing, kitchen utensils, etc.

  • Having comprehensive functions with neat and generous appearance
  • Equipped with safety protection, the machine is compact and flexible
  • Supply competitive price and excellent configuration
  • Provide customizable services

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