European Vision Exchange Table

European vision exchange table laser cutting machine is a high-end product, perfect for your customized needs! It adopts environmentally friendly design and full protective cover to ensure safe operation. Power range from 1000W to 40000W. The two automatic exchange tables are independent of each other, making the cutting more efficient and time-saving.

In order to ensure stability and visibility, the machine is equipped with safety devices, closed sheet metalcover and camera etc., greatly improving the overall performance of high-power, high cutting speed laser cutting machine. It has a dual workbench, which means you can unload and reload materials when cutting . saving your time loading and unloading materials. The machine complies with CE international safety and environmental protection certification standard.

JLMDE European Vision Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLMDE European vision exchange table laser cutting machine is ideal for enterprises that need a safe, efficient and convenient laser cutting machine. It has two workstations that allow users to quickly load and unload materials, with protected cutting areas that protect against dangerous splashes and flying debris.


  • Applied to metal cutting industry
  • Used in energy and mining
  • Used for manufacturing plant
  • Applied to construction engineering industry
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The advantages of the European Vision Exchange Table

Compared with the traditional open table system, the fully enclosed exchange table laser cutting machine has many advantages.

First of all, due to the closed design, the stability and reliability of the optical path system and control system are greatly improved. This results in a higher quality cut and less chance of error.

Secondly, imported original fiber lasers have a longer service life than other types of lasers, which means that maintenance and replacement costs are minimized.

Furthermore, the machine is able to achieve higher cutting quality and efficiency than conventional cutting machines. Finally, since the laser is enclosed, the noise level is reduced and employees are more pleasant to work with.

  • Equipped with fully enclosed cover, protecting operator safety and our environment
  • Achieving both loading and discharging, improving efficiency with two exchange table
  • Using high thickness metal frame work bed, making the structure of the workbench more stable

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