High Power Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine

The high power exchange table laser cutting machine is an advanced double-table laser cutting machine. This allows for quick and easy loading and unloading of materials. The cutting area is protected by a cover for safety and protection from splashes. With a camera, the cutting situation is clear at a glance. The bevel feature is optional, allowing greater design flexibility.

JLMA High Power Exchange Table Fiber Cutter Series

JLMA high power exchange table fiber cutter series can provide users with multiple functions. Non-inductive perforation for medium and thin plates, lightning perforation for thick plates, multi-level perforation, perforation and slag removal, follow-up vibration suppression, air pressure closed-loop, and layer-by-layer fine technology, etc., greatly improve the efficiency and stability of high-power cutting, and improve the core competitiveness of equipment force.


  • Designed for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper , alloy etc.
  • Used for various manufacturing and processing industries, such as sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, automobile, grain machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, metal external processing, kitchenware processing, etc.
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The advantages of the high power exchange table laser cutting machine

High power exchange table laser cutting machine is among the most versatile machines on the market. Its ability to cut through a wide variety of materials, makes it ideal for businesses that need to cut large chunks of material quickly and efficiently.

The machine's high power output also makes it ideal for cutting thick materials. Additionally, laser cutters are capable of very precise cuts, making them ideal for businesses that need to produce high-quality products.

  • A well-known and reputable brand that guarantees quality
  • High quality, highly efficient and stable in operation
  • Produced strictly according to European standard.
  • Have passed CE certification and are exported to numerous European countries.
  • Provide OEM service

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