JLMA High Power Exchange Table Fiber Cutter Series

JLMA High Power Exchange Table Fiber Cutter Series

The JLMA high power exchange table fiber cutter series features a unique and innovative design for quick and easy material loading and unloading. Dual table functionality saves time and hassle, while a cover to the cutting area protects the operator from accidental splashes. A camera mounted on the unit provides a clear view of the cutting process and an optional bevel function for added flexibility.

Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive industry, advertising industry, kitchenware industry, sheet metal industry, cabinet industry, fitness industry, etc.

JLMA High Power Exchange Table Fiber Cutter Series Advantages

Steel Plate Welding Bed(Heavy-duty bed)

The main part of machine are welded from thick plates. One-time quenching after welding to relieve stress. Rough machining is carried out after natural cooling, then secondary quenching to remove stress, and finishing machining is carried out after natural cooling.

The body of the machine is more solid and stable, with long service life and high precision, ensuring cutting accuracy. Ship-shaped box design, partition dust removal, more centralized and reasonable air duct, better dust removal effect.

Cast Aluminum Beam

The aluminum cast beam is adopted to make the machine lighter, and improve dynamic response and comprehensive cutting effect.

High-end lntelligent EtherCAT Bus System

FSCUT8000 is an EtherCAT bus system designed to accommodate ultra-highpower fiber lasers above 8KW.lt has out-of-the-box services and is easy to installand tune.FSCUT8000 adopts the cutting-edge EtherCAT laser cutting controlsystem. It supports customization, automation and information solutions.


  • Nine levels of perforation --- can support ultra-thick plate perforation, improve the ability of thick plate perforation
  • Intelligent knife retraction---According to the cutting process, intelligently adjust the parameters of the knife retraction to improve the smoothness of the inner mold section and the surface integrity of the outer mold
  • Traceless micro-joint --- the surface is smooth and traceless, batch cutting is easy, and the production efficiency is higher
  • Automatic cutback --- through the built-in sensor of the BLT cutting head, it can intelligently judge whether the cutting is through, and when it is not cut through, it can intelligently fall back and re-cut to improve the stability of the cutting process
  • Melt pool detection --- judge the cutting quality through the built-in sensor of the BLT cutting head, adjust the cutting parameters in real time, improve the stability of the cutting process, and ensure the production quality and efficiency
  • Intelligent piercing --- intelligently optimize the piercing process, greatly shorten the piercing time, and improve the piercing quality
  • Intelligent bus control cutting head, Active Collision Prevention

    BLT6 series is an intelligent cutting head developed for ultra-high power laser equipment (maximum power can support 40KW), with a new optical path design and optical lens optimization, easy installation, simple debugging, excellent performance, double dustproof, stable cutting. The perforation detection and process monitoring functions can effectively improve production efficiency and product yield, and meet the strict performance requirements of air and nitrogen high-power cutting.

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