Exchange Table LASER Cutting Machine

The Exchange Table Laser Cutter is perfect for any business that needs to cut materials quickly and reliably. Our dual-station design allows you to quickly and easily load and unload materials, while safety hoods protect against splashes and injuries. Plus, our built-in camera gives you a clear view of the cutting area so you always know where your project is going.

JLMD Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

The JLMD Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series is ideal for businesses that need a machine that can process a wide variety of materials with speed and precision. The steel plate welded box structure keeps the bed stable even at high speeds, and the cylinder partition type dust removal structure keeps your working area clean.


  • Create holes of various sizes in metal.
  • Cut out shapes and designs from materials
  • Engraving images or text onto materials
  • A must-have tool for the manufacturing, engineering or construction industry
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The advantages of the exchange table laser cutting machine

An exchange table laser cutter is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used to cut a wide variety of materials. This machine is suitable for both small and large projects. Switch table laser cutters are available in many different sizes and powers.

This machine is also known as CNC Laser Cutting Machine. It is a computer-controlled machine that cuts material using a laser. Laser cutters are primarily used to cut metal such as MS, SS ,SUS ,aluminium, copper etc.

A switchable table laser cutter is an excellent choice for those who need a versatile and powerful machine for a variety of projects.

  • A well-known brand, with a good reputation and strong guarantees.
  • Good quality, high efficiency and stable operation.
  • Fast response, fast production and instruction.
  • Produced in strict accordance with European standards.
  • Have passed CE certification and are exported to many European countries.
  • Providing OEM services.

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