Tube Cutting Machine 

The innovative design of the pipe cutter makes it perfect for pipe cutting, regardless of the size and type of material. With its precise and reliable performance, the tube cutting machine is the ideal choice for any workshop or factory looking for a tube cutting machine that can handle all of its tube needs quickly, easily and safely.

The laser pipe cutting machine can cut round pipe, square pipe,oval tube, H-beam, C-shaped steel, angle steel, etc. A pipe cutter is an even more important investment for consumers looking for a machine that can handle a lot of metal pipe work.

JCT 2 Chuck Standard Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series

JCT 2 Chuck Standard Tube Laser Cutting Machine is an affordable yet efficient laser cutting machine. It is very suitable for cutting standard pipes.


  • Manufacturing metal parts
  • Cutting tubes for pipes
  • Used for welding material cutting
  • Used for various carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes etc
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JCT 3 Chuck Professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series

The JCT 3 Chuck 0 Tailing Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutter is ideal for cutting tubing and other cylindrical objects. Using the latest German technology, it has the characteristics of stable work, high efficiency and energy saving.


  • Used for cutting pipes and other cylindrical objects
  • Suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other materials
  • Cutting channel steel, Angle steel, I - beam and other profiles
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The advantages of the Tube Cutting Machine

A pipe cutter is a useful tool that can help you save time and money when cutting pipes. It also helps you achieve more precise cuts.

The pipe cutter effortlessly cuts through various substances like steel, aluminum, brass and copper. Even novices can learn how to use it quickly since it is very easy to operate. A pipe cutter helps enhance workplace productivity as it can rapidly and easily cut materials. Furthermore, it is a safe option for cutting substances as it is engineered to reduce the probability of accidents.

  • A well-known and reputable brand that guarantees quality
  • High quality, highly efficient and stable in operation
  • Produced strictly according to European standard.
  • Have passed CE certification and are exported to numerous European countries.
  • Provide OEM service
  • Fast response, fast production and instruction.

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