Exchange Table Sheet &Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Exchange table sheet and tube laser cutting machine is a machine with two functions. The machine can be used for cutting metal sheet and pipe to meet the different processing needs of customers, which greatly saves the input cost and covers an area and improves the production efficiency. For users, it expands the range of cutting materials and improves the market competitiveness. Dual tables save time when loading and unloading materials. The cutting area is protected by a splash guard and safety cover. With a camera, the cutting situation is clear at a glance.

This machine has the characteristics of stable performance and easy operation. The machine can change the table of different size. Imported fiber laser power, dual drive system, stable performance. And the machine comes with pneumatic chuck, gear drive, to solve many customers cutting precision is not high. The available laser power range is 1000w -40000w.

JLMDS Exchange Table Sheet &Tube Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLMDS laser cutting machine is integrated cutting plate and pipe as one of the machine. The workbench is replaceable to easily switch materials, and the laser cutter ensures every cut is precise and accurate.


  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Sheet metal maching industry
  • Processing round and square metal tubes
  • Engineering machinery
  • Automobile manufacturing
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The advantages of exchange table sheet &tube laser cutting machine

This laser cutting machine is more versatile as it can easily cut sheets and tubes. This means you can cut many different materials with one machine, saving you time and money in the long run. Its simple operating system realizes fast cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet and other metal materials.

Another advantage of the exchange table tube laser cutting machine is that it is more precise than traditional laser cutting machines. This means you can rely on precise cuts every time, which saves you time and reduces frustration when working on projects.

  • Equipped with the fully enclosed protective cover, smoke and dust proof, more environmentally friendly.
  • Using exchange platform, the laser cutting machine can realize fast loading and unloading, greatly improve the processing efficiency.
  • With the lightweight aviation aluminum beam, greatly improves the moving speed and ensures the machining accuracy.
  • Provide OEM service

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