JLMDE European Vision Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLMDE European Vision Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series

JLMDE is a fully enclosed laser cutter offering superior quality and performance. It is ideal for cutting all types of metal and is equipped with a powerful laser system that provides precise results. In addition, the machine is easy to operate and is equipped with a protective cover to ensure the safety of the working area.

The fully enclosed switch laser cutting machine has the advantages of simple operation, high cutting efficiency and good cutting quality. With a reasonable price to provide customers with a high degree of convenience, the whole machine in line with the CE international certification standards, safety and environmental protection, by domestic and foreign customers praise.

JLMDE European Vision Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series Features

  • Exchangeable working table, 10s for one time table exchanging, effectively saving time for loading and unloading materials
  • Fully protected enclosed design to prevent laser damage to personnel
  • Zoned dedusting system with good dedusting effect
  • Equipped with real-time monitoring system, monitoring the processing process and observing the processing progress of each link
  • European version, in line with European customer habits
  • JLMDE European Vision Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine Series Advantages

    Steel Plate Welding Bed

    The bed of the machine tool is welded with high-quality carbon steel plates, which are specially designed for high-power laser cutting machines. High-rigidity, heavy-duty machine tools reduce vibration during high-speed cutting and guarantee a 20-year service life.

    Intelligent partition dust removal system

    The newly upgraded intelligent partition dust removal system has a more reasonable dust removal design, effectively improves the ventilation and dust removal effect, and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

    Cast Aluminum Beam

    Adopts aluminum cast beam for its light weight and good dynamic response. It also leads to faster acceleration and better comprehensive cutting effect.

    Professional Laser Cutting Control system

    The laser cutting machine supports fly cutting, leapfrog lifting, notch width compensation, lead line, micro seam, pre-perforation, film cutting and other technical features. In addition, it provides a smooth start and end to the tool path cutting process.

    With intelligent obstacle avoidance and laser head leapfrog lift, the machine is ideal for production purposes. It also supports two-dimensional code import drawing, task scheduling, and multi-area production. Maximum acceleration 1.5G, double Y drive position error detection, perfect to meet your needs.

    Auto Focus Laser Head

    Suitable for a variety of focal lengths, reduce punching time, can adjust the focus position according to different thickness. Flexible and fast, improve the quality of punching, and sense the surrounding environment, intelligent head up to avoid obstacles.

    Imported Parts, Precision Guaranteed

    Equipped with Japan double high power servo motor and drive

    Reducer, gear and other core transmission components are imported from Japan

    High-precision rack, guide rail and ball screw are all world famous brands

    Top Brand Laser Power

    IPG Laser Power

    Max Laser Power

    Raycus Laser Power

    Quality Control System

    Perfect quality system, strict assembly process quality inspection, high-precision inspection equipment, to ensure that each delivered equipment can meet the company's factory quality standards.

    Cutting Samples

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